Stone Angel

My latest drawing. I could have spent more time on it, as the tombstone itself is not perfect, but ah well. (Not to self: Buy a ruler. LOL) It’s a bit of a quickie. 🙂

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More kitties..Cornish Rex

I love Cornish rex cats. They are so beautiful and don’t cause allergic reactions (Always a plus) in most people. I knew a woman who had a rex and the cat was always talking. Usually asking for food. (Like most pets) So here is my slightly cartoon version of that rex cat:

The colours aren’t perfect because I’m missing some of my pencil crayons, but hopefully she still looks somewhat like the real thing.:)

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Dreaming of Baby Hippos…

I had a weird dream about baby hippos the other night, so I thought why not draw them? Here is the first one and I’m hoping to post another hippo drawing soon. 🙂

(Right now I envy the hippos, since they get to spend all day floating in nice cool water…lucky bums!)

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Hot in the City!

It’s been really hot this past week and when the group’s challenge was to draw “What keeps you cool/hot”, I immediately thought garden hose and here it is!:

Every day this week, I have come home, stripped down to a bikini and Hubby has sprayed the “sweaty commute” off me! (Yep, we’re “classy” like that! LOL)

But today, the clouds have parted and we now have air conditioning… our bedroom. (It’s a start right?) The unit is just a rental but I love it:

I know it’s not a drawing..but I thought it was better to take a photo! The guy who installed it said that our bedroom was the “Hottest place he has been into this week!”

Sounds about right!

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First Sketch! Mee-ow!

Here is my first drawing-a nice, shaggy, white lion. I love all cats-big and small, so I thought why not draw the “King” of them all?

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