It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, although I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should. Our scanner is in our basement which is a million degrees right now, so needless to say I don’t want to spend too much time down there. But I will try and draw and post more. Here are some new ones:

Dancing Faun:

I didn’t finish the feet because this drawing is based off of a photo of a sculpture in Italy, and it was difficult to make them out. (I considered giving him hooves instead, and just might, but we’ll see)

And here is the hunky actor Oded Fehr, from “The Mummy“:

Not an exact replica, but enough to keep the young woman sitting beside me on the bus while I drew him interested. 😉


About skyliner80

Hi, I live in Canada's Capital-Ottawa-with my husband and three darling fur beasts. I am an aspiring artist and this is where you will see my weekly or daily drawings. And in case you were wondering about my user name, I am also a HUGE Boards of Canada fan! They have inspired me in so many ways. :)
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One Response to Mens…

  1. Jen says:


    For our horne-d friend, I vote for hooves 🙂

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