This is a drawing I did of one of our cats-Maggie. For some reason, it didn’t turn out great. In person, it looks fine, but after being scanned, it looks weird. Frustrating.

I will be making portraits of my other two furbabies and will try again with her at some point. Sometimes drawings work, and sometimes they turn out all fuzzy and weird after being scanned.

In the meantime, here is a drawing of two of my parents pets Spencer and Gabrielle. Spencer is a basset hound:

And hence, when he isn’t sleeping, he’s rifling through the garbage, stretching up his long body to steal stuff off the counter or trying to cuddle with you, all the while smearing his dog slobber all over your shirt and pants!

Next is Gabrielle, as a kitten, giving me the ‘ol wink:

There is something so fun about drawing or painting pets, even when they don’t turn out “perfectly”. Perhaps it is because I love them so much, it makes me smile to try and recreate them on the page. Their crazy charm seems to stretch across the medium.


About skyliner80

Hi, I live in Canada's Capital-Ottawa-with my husband and three darling fur beasts. I am an aspiring artist and this is where you will see my weekly or daily drawings. And in case you were wondering about my user name, I am also a HUGE Boards of Canada fan! They have inspired me in so many ways. :)
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