Skulls and muscles…

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Happy Halloween!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but what better day than Halloween eh? I’ve started working on human anatomy drawings and here are a couple:

I’ll be posting some anatomy drawings of the skull and facial muscles soon. 🙂

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More Musical Inspiration..Creepy Bunny Mask

This drawing was inspired by this video by Bat For Lashes. I love this video, it is so creative and weird. Plus I also must give huge props to the guys on the bicycles. It can’t be easy to ride a bicycle with a mask on and do those fancy moves.

I didn’t have any bunny masks so I used this photo as the model:

Next up, the Silent Hill creepy bunny! I love that crazy guy! 🙂

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It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, although I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should. Our scanner is in our basement which is a million degrees right now, so needless to say I don’t want to spend too much time down there. But I will try and draw and post more. Here are some new ones:

Dancing Faun:

I didn’t finish the feet because this drawing is based off of a photo of a sculpture in Italy, and it was difficult to make them out. (I considered giving him hooves instead, and just might, but we’ll see)

And here is the hunky actor Oded Fehr, from “The Mummy“:

Not an exact replica, but enough to keep the young woman sitting beside me on the bus while I drew him interested. 😉

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This is a drawing I did of one of our cats-Maggie. For some reason, it didn’t turn out great. In person, it looks fine, but after being scanned, it looks weird. Frustrating.

I will be making portraits of my other two furbabies and will try again with her at some point. Sometimes drawings work, and sometimes they turn out all fuzzy and weird after being scanned.

In the meantime, here is a drawing of two of my parents pets Spencer and Gabrielle. Spencer is a basset hound:

And hence, when he isn’t sleeping, he’s rifling through the garbage, stretching up his long body to steal stuff off the counter or trying to cuddle with you, all the while smearing his dog slobber all over your shirt and pants!

Next is Gabrielle, as a kitten, giving me the ‘ol wink:

There is something so fun about drawing or painting pets, even when they don’t turn out “perfectly”. Perhaps it is because I love them so much, it makes me smile to try and recreate them on the page. Their crazy charm seems to stretch across the medium.

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We’re all just waiting…

Continuing with the music theme, here is a drawing of City and Colour singer Dallas Green. He really has a beautiful voice, so I thought it would be fun to draw him. For those unfamiliar with this band, here is a music video of theirs. (I drew him without the glasses)

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I just finished this sketch of the singer Peaches. Peaches is a crazy woman-Sometimes sex crazed glam rocker, sometimes sex crazed dance/electronic composer. Peaches is a strong, confident woman who loves to push the envelope musically and visually. She should be more popular than many of the lesser female pop singers on the airwaves nowadays.

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